05 .11. 2023 г.

Negotiations with Sinopec Corp.

November 4-9, 2023 
Beijing , China

13 .06. 2023 г.

84th Great EAGE Annual 2023

June 2023 г.
Vienna, Austria

06 .06. 2022 г.

83th EAGE Annual Conference&Exhibition 2022

June 2022 г.
Madrid, Spane

03 .02. 2020 г.

Our booth on The International G&G Conference and Exhibition "GEOEurasia-2020. Advanced Exploration and Development Technologies"

February 3-6, 2020
Moscow, Russia

15 .07. 2019 г.

Our booth at annual conference and exhibtion EAGE-2019

June 3-6, 2019
London, Great Britain

NPP «Spetsgeofizika» has a rich set of programs to solve a wide range of geophysical problems. Development of new software and support for existing software is ongoing.

Among other things are:


Vibration Source Control Program. This program was created to control the equipment of the GDS®


This software suite supports automated onsite seismic data QC.

The software is designed to evaluate, visualize and map seismic recording quality attributes.

This software suite operates under Windows©


The software significantly expands the capabilities of 2D and 3D seismic data field processing, as well as conducting engineering seismic surveys

Vibro Equalizer®

The program provides the technical ability to perform seismic exploration using the adaptive vibration seismic technology AVISeis®


Software that allows the introduction of high-performance ISS technology into cable recording systems

Phase tuner®

Software module is designed to analyze the shape of seismic signals and calculate the optimal vibroseismic sweep that reliably accounts for the phase characteristics of these signals, eliminating phase distortion as the seismic waves spread across the thickness of the earth