NPP SPECGEOFIZIKA data archiving and management services include the development of structured digital databases to organize, archive, store and manage seismic exploration data.

Our storage and archiving department has modern hardware and software that allow us to:

  • Create databases of raw geological and geophysical data
  • Ensure that the stored data remain intact and are systematically used in ongoing operations
  • Provide the data to the client on demand

The database has a unified data format standardized to support cross-references between geophysical records and the geographic and geological information. Such cross-references enhance the search and analysis capabilities when working with the documents stored in the database.

All seismic exploration data are securely protected and easily accessible. To ensure data integrity and ease of access, NPP SPECGEOFIZIKA maintains restricted-access facilities with dedicated independent air conditioning and power supply systems. The server and tape rooms are for data that requires immediate access. The data storage rooms host disk arrays containing raw seismic records, and input/output devices.