Prior to the commencement of field operations our survey supervision and field data processing department develops a work program and survey specifications.

The survey supervision and field data processing staff works in close cooperation with of seismic data processing and interpretation specialists. Our planning process accounts for every bit of information available, including the structure of shallow and deep intervals, lessons learned from previous seismic exploration programs, and potential problems in the course of seismic data processing and interpretation.

Full-wave modeling is employed to design survey systems and forecast moveout and amplitude attributes.

The department has computer systems and all the required peripheral hardware for data input and visualization.

Specialized software is employed to develop seismic survey programs, monitor their implementation and prepare task descriptions for surveyors and data acquisition operators. Our software ensures accurate definition of acquisition geometry, taking into account the constraints imposed by the terrain, as well as by residential communities and restricted-access areas.

Once the survey program is approved by the client, our staff monitors its implementation and compliance throughout all stages of field work.