04 .12. 2023 г.


December 04, 2023
Moscow, Russia

30 .11. 2023 г.

XVIII All-Russian scientific and practical Conference and exhibition "Prospects for the development of engineering surveys in construction in the Russian Federation"

November 28-30, 2023
Moscow, Russia

05 .11. 2023 г.

Negotiations with Sinopec Corp.

November 4-9, 2023 
Beijing , China

13 .06. 2023 г.

84th Great EAGE Annual 2023

June 2023 г.
Vienna, Austria

06 .06. 2022 г.

83th EAGE Annual Conference&Exhibition 2022

June 2022 г.
Madrid, Spane

Our company offers a broad range of seismic data processing services for both marine and land 2D and 3D surveys, and multicomponent surveys. We have been active in 3D seismic data processing ever since the 3D surveys were first implemented on an industrial scale by major petroleum companies in Russia and CIS, and thus have accumulated an unparalleled experience in this field.

GDS has all the necessary technology, know-how and resources to perform processing services to the highest international standards. The GDS computing center has the necessary software to ensure effective processing of land, marine and transition zone survey data. The 2D, 3D, and OBC survey data processing covers both the time and depth domain analysis.

GDS employs scalable multiprocessor systems. This allows us to continuously enhance our computing capabilities and processing speed through the use the latest IT technologies. 

The high quality of our output data and guaranteed short turnaround help our clients implement long-term incremental 3D surveys over large license blocks. Both the raw data and processing results are stored in a dedicated data bank that offers our clients convenient structured data access.

To further optimize the overall performance of geological and geophysical exploration programs and ensure the high quality of imaging, GDS geophysicists take part in field processing and participate in all stages of seismic interpretation. 

Prompt re-processing of old 2D survey data accumulated over the years supports flexible and prompt decision-making in the course of ongoing and additional exploration in production areas.

One of the key steps in high quality seismic imaging is to properly account for near-surface anomalies. This is most relevant for large areas of the West and East Siberia, transition zones of the Russian North, and deserts and foothills of the Central Asia. To accomplish this task we combine the conventional data processing technologies with the proprietary interactive statics correction technology implemented in IST-3MP software suite.

This technology has proven itself as an efficient 2D/3D processing tool in a variety of seismic and geological settings.

To process multi-wave seismic data we developed a set of software tools that supports time and depth imaging based in pre-stack S- and P-wave migration. 

In addition to our core software suite and proprietary software tools, we use internationally recognized third-party software for depth-velocity modeling, 2D and 3D pre-stack depth migration, and full-wave modeling.

Commitment to high professional standards and team work enable the GDS geophysical staff to handle the most challenging projects successfully.